Guide for Age Verification Pro

April 15, 2024 27 view(s)
Guide for Age Verification Pro

General Settings

To start using Age Verification app please configure the application by specifying the following settings:

Visibility Options 

Enable Age Verification Popup - display the age verification popup on all pages.

Active on Home Page - display the age verification popup on Home Page.

Popup Content

Popup Heading - provide customers with a clear and concise headline of the popup when it appears on their screen.

Popup Subheading - provide customers with additional context or information to support the main message in the popup.

Confirm Button Label - guide customers to take action by providing a descriptive and action-oriented label on the button that they need to click to confirm or proceed.

Reject Button Label - guide your visitors to dismiss or decline the action presented by the popup by providing a clear and descriptive label on the button they need to click.

Note: please note that the Reject button will not appear on the frontend if the 'Redirect underage users to' setting does not have a redirection link configured.

Background Color - set up a background color of the popup button.

Popup Footer - add a section at the bottom of the popup window, typically containing supplementary information, secondary actions, or navigation options.


Underage Action

Note: please note that the link can be either relative or absolute ( or /page). If the link directs to your store, the banner will not be displayed on that page.

Popup Background Appearance

Enable Background Shadow - activate the feature that adds a subtle shadow effect to the background surrounding the popup

If you activate the setting, you can regulate the intensity of the shadow by using ‘Background Shadow Intensity’ toggle. 

After adjusting the settings for the popup, click on the 'Save' button to confirm your changes.


Here you can preview how the popup will be displayed after configurations.