Guide for Admin Notifications

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Guide for Admin Notifications

Admin Notifications is a Wix app that allows you to send important alerts about products, orders, stock updates, and more to the relevant staff members.

After installing the app, you'll land to the Home page. Here, you can find a description of How app works, the Email support form, and the Changelog to track the latest updates of the app.

Home Page | Wix Admin Nitifications

Support email and Changelog Block



The Alerts page is where you can find all your configured notification rules.


To create a new rule, click Add New +. This will take you to the Alert Create page.

Create a new alert for Admin Notifications

Alert name - the name that will appear in the notification, helping you easily understand what the alert is about.

Email address - the emails address the notification will be sent to.


After saving the alert, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. Follow the link in the email to agree to receive notifications. If you don’t see the email, please check your Spam folder. If the email address has already been verified for this store, no additional verification is required.

Email verification for Admin Notifications

Once the email is verified, its status in the Alerts grid will change from "No" to "Yes". Notifications will then be sent to this email address based on the selected triggers.

Trigger alert for these events - select the events that will trigger the alert. The following events are available:

Events for Admin Notifications

Use only for Product ID - enter the ID of the product that will trigger this alert. This feature is applicable only for events in the following categories:

  • Product
  • Checkout
  • Order
  • Stock
  • Cart

Events that can be used for a specific product only | Product ID


You can find the Product ID by following these steps:

  • Open Products in your site's dashboard and select the product whose ID you want to find.
  • Look at the URL for the selected product. The URL contains two long strings of numbers and letters separated by hyphens. The second string is the product ID.

For example:

Product ID in Wix Admin


Send test email - you can send a test email to check the information provided in the alert. The test email will be based on the trigger specified in the alert settings. If multiple triggers are selected, the email will contain information about the first trigger you selected.

Send test email settings


The test email notification help you visualize the alert, that’s why it displays variables instead of actual data. Live notifications will show the real data when the trigger is activated.

test email notification

Real email notification fro Admin Notifications app



If you don’t see the email, please check your Spam folder.


When the rule is saved, it’ll appear in the Alerts grid. The grid consists of the following columns: 

  • ID - the unique identifier for the rule.
  • Name - the name assigned to the rule.
  • Email - the email address that will receive notifications upon a trigger.
  • Is Verified - the verification status of the email (if it’s not verified, the notification won’t be sent).
  • Action - option to delete the rule.

Alerts grid



Low Stock Alert Threshold

Low Stock Alerts Threshold - specify the minimum quantity of a product in stock that triggers a warning to replenish inventory. 

For example, if you set the threshold to 5, the admin or any other staff specified in the rule will receive a Low Stock alert when there are 5 or fewer items left in stock.