Guide for Simple Rates

October 13, 2023 19 view(s)
Guide for Simple Rates

Third-party carrier-calculated shipping

Once you installed Simple Rates app to your Shopify store and enter it you might see this warning message:

! Third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates To start using Simple Rates App please enable Third-Party Carrier Calculated Shipping for your Shopify store.

The Simple Rates app can’t display shipping rates without this feature provided by Shopify.

Check if this feature is available for your Shopify pricing plan.


First of all check the currency and the weight unit in the 'Settings' tab and make sure the app uses correct values. It takes them from your Shopify store settings, so you should change them there if needed.

Shipping Rates


In the 'General' block you should set the shipping rate name and description. They both will be displayed at checkout. Use the same rate names to configure tiers or add rates together.

Use rate description to display explainer or estimated delivery time for the shipping rate.


Note, that the Shipping Rate Description will be used for ALL rates with the same name.



In the 'Conditions' block you should indicate the conditions under which rate is applied, such as subtotal, weight and quantity intervals as well as tags values.

You may create shipping rates with the same name but different conditions. It helps you to create tiers by weight, subtotal and quantity as well as to add rates together if they are addressed to different product groups split by tags.


The app supports 4 rate calculations:

  • Fixed per Order (FPO)
  • Fixed per Item (FPI)
  • Fixed per Unit of Weight (FPUW)
  • Percentage of Order Subtotal (POS).

Multiple calculations will be summed up.


If the rate is 0, it will be displayed as free shipping.


Enable 'Simple Rates' methods in store’s settings

In order to start displaying shipping methods configured within the 'Simple Rates' app, you should make sure they are enabled in your Shopify store 'Shipping and delivery' > Profile settings:


You may also enable/disable certain 'Simple Rates' methods by clicking Edit next to the Simple Rates (Rates provided by app):






Here we have configured 3 delivery options: Free Shipping, Standard and Express Delivery.

  • Free Shipping is applied only to products with the “Free Shipping” tag if their subtotal reaches $50.
  • Standard Delivery is applied to any product (no tags specified) with the fixed per order calculation.
  • Express Delivery also works for any product (no tags specified) and uses both fixed per order and fixed per unit of weight calculations. Those calculations will be summed up.

As free shipping is applied only to products with Free Shipping tag it will not be displayed if we add another type of product in the cart.


This is how those shipping methods are displayed at checkout.



There are 3 billing plans available:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Unlimited

All features are the same (Rates by tags, weight, quantity and subtotal; Multiple calculation algorithms), but the number of shipping rates is different across billing plans. The more shipping rates you use the more you pay.